What’s with WebTalk? Why can’t I join?

What’s with WebTalk?  I’ll tell you exactly what’s with web talk and why you can’t just join.

If you go to the https://www.webtalk.co/o home page (login page) to try to join without an invitation, you are greeted with this:

Go ahead and click on the picture above to be taken to their home page.  You’ll want to be using Google Chrome if you can.  Anyway, as you can see, I’ve highlighted the area on the right where it says, “It’s free, but you have to be invited” which means that unless someone gives you their affiliate link to sign up for WebTalk, you cannot just sign up on your own.   They do that so that you can get paid for people who come in under your affiliate link.  This is the beauty of this program!

On the left there above you’ll see where I’ve highlighted the area for you to watch the video.  That’s a great video that will really explain exactly how the platform works, and more importantly, how you can profit immensely from signing up right now!

Now, if you click my INVITATION LINK:  https://coachingforinternetmarketers.com/I-am-inviting-you-to-Web-Talk – You will be taken to a screen that is much more “inviting,” shall we say?


Time is running out

We’ve gone over the need for you to be invited to the platform, but why the rush?  The reason you need to sign up TODAY for your free membership will be fully explained in the video.  The first 1,000,000 affiliates to sign up will benefit by receiving 50% of the company profits.  That’s pretty incredible, because it’s for life.  What??

So why would you not sign up for something that is free and could potentially pay you thousands of dollars per month.  Check out this calculator that shows if your website got 10 people to sign up for a free membership per day, and you had a 1% conversion rate, are you kidding me?  $13,333 monthly?

Ok, so don’t delay. Sign up here:

Do you want more information?

Yes, of course, go ahead and read this article I put together about the WebTalk platform and program. Hopefully this will answer any questions you still have about the program.


Comments Welcome

As always, please let me know in the comments area below if you have any questions at all about the WebTalk program or any other aspect of my website.

You can also email me privately at Babs@CoachingforInternetMarketers.com.Thanks for supporting this website!  I hope it helps you on your journey with your online business!



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  1. Your information is very timely.  I joined Webtalk very recently and have been wondering if it was worth it.  I guess I need to go to the site and see what information I can glean from that.  I am happy to have your information, because it sounds like I might have made a good choice by signing up.  It will be interesting to watch it develop.

  2. I have recently heard so much about webtalk, and wondered what all the buzz is about. I had no idea it works on affiliate principle, only heard that it’s going to be the next big thing. I’m going to hop over to your other article about Web Talk program and platform, to find out more. And then I’m going to sign up through your invitation. Thanks so much for putting this together!

  3. Now that I am doing my MBA, this really helps. It is like a manual to marketing or they say, behind the scenes of marketing. This will really help me with my business plan final for my capstone project. I am really looking forward in adding this tactic in my paper. 

  4. I signed up with webtalk about a month ago. I can tell you I like it because of the different ways you can socialize, you can totally seperate business and personal connections if you want. It gives you more control.  I did not realize until reading your post that the affiliate part of webtalk was the reason behind the Invite only 

    That can be a game changer for sure,besides the social ,and business networking aspect of this I cant wait to see more on how the affiliate portion plays out.

  5. Hello Babs, 

    Great post aboit Webtalk. I’m already a member but I’m not so active with it yet. I have no referrals at all. 

    Can people who joined after the 1M members, can they still benefit the 50% profit? 

    Looking forward to your answer. I hope it’s not too harsh to ask this to you. 

    Thank you in advanced. 

    Have a great day/eve. 

    God bless,


    1. You automatically make 10% of your referrals and everything they spend on ads, etc., membership fees, for LIFE.  That’s the program.  They are offering the first 1,000,000 affiliates the opportunity to dive in 5 levels, meaning your referrals referrals, their referrals, their referrals and finally their referrals.  Five levels of people and every dime they spend on WebTalk, you get 10%.  I haven’t heard any updates from WebTalk that this offer is full, so I’m waiting to hear from them regarding eligibility.

  6. Wow, that is very generous as far as affiliate commissions go. Not only do they pay you 10% for member referrals for life, but if you’re part of the first 1M – you earn 5 levels deep (your referral, their referrals, etc.)

    Definitely gonna check this one out – thanks for your review!

  7. Hi Babs,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with marketing in general, and this article about Webtalk in particular.

    I am already a member but haven’t been actively working at getting people to join. I’m a natural skeptic and usually wait before making any recommendations, hoping the whole experiment doesn’t implode. However it seems in this case waiting may actually cost me money.

    So I guess I’ll just brush aside my doubts and work on inviting people to try it out along with me.

    Keep up the great work.


  8. Hi Babs,

    I have heard about WebTalk but didn’t know what it was. Thanks for sharing this and I want to congrats you for your strong work offering everyone to join you at WebTalk. Your offer is great. I think I’d better sign up now to take advantage of the perks with early sign-on.  Sounds like it is a lot more money if you sign up early.

  9. just what exactly is WebTalk? I have been hearing about this but I have no clue what it is or what does one have to do when joined! I can’t imagine making money without doing anything so it would be nice to know what it is that WebTalk is about.

    Is there something to sell or are you just inviting people in? Once the invitation is accepted what’s next?

  10. I have signed up for Webtalk (a few weeks back), but haven’t really done anything with it. After reviewing your site I realized that I’m probably missing out on something very profitable.

    Looks like it will be a very lucrative venture with all the different advertising opportunities, so I guess I should start promoting it.



  11. I do believe that this is such an awesome opportunity to benefit. And I truly admire the Webtalk for being interested in sharing the profits with huge amount of its members and in reality striving to build a mutually beneficial social platform.

    I have to say, and many might not agree with me on this one, but I actually like the feature tweaks and layout much better than Facebook. Facebook is of course in a way the more sophisticated brother, but I really love the feature on Webtalk, which ensures that you can group your contact into categories, within which each category only gets to see certain amount of information about you.

    So many stories have been heard of people having their careers being affected negatively just because they have posted something (for some considered inappropriate) in their early days on Facebook. And then there are these companies, which actually stalk people and report back to the people employers of the findings. Which in of itself is way too far.

    Webtalk will be something that will change that completely. I hope they’ll grow exponentially and that they will become a true rival to the untouchable Facebook.

    Cheers and have a Great One!Matiss

  12. This is a great article. I’m new to the online world and I can tell the rest of your visitors that this can potentially lead to the income that they want. You carefully explain with details what WebTalk is and how it can become an extra source of cash. The income calculator gives a better understanding of what can be accomplished if certain amount of referrals sign up.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  13. I haven’t heard of webtalk until I read your article and it does sound interesting, at least at first. After reading on though I see that you made it easy to join which is good since you technically have to be invited to it in order to join for free. I’m going to watch the video so that I can fully understand what webtalk is about and since it is free to join through your invitation link, I’ll probably give it a try. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. Dear Babsie,

    Thanks for the detailed post on Webtalk. Recently Webtalk is the main topic of discussion on many online platforms. Many sending invites and promoting it. Many are confused whether to join Webtalk or not but your post gave them the answer.

    To share my own experience…

    Being a full-time blogger, I am active on many social media platforms and one of my friend introduced me to webtalk…

    To cut the long story short…

    Webtalk is awesome. The things I really like is…

    You can keep the contacts as personal or professional or both. So that if I want my post to be viewed only by my clients I can do that easily on the other social media platforms that’s not the case.

    The ratio or difference between following Vs followers with other social media platforms is huge. For example if I follow 100 people 10 to 20 people only will follow me back but with Webtalk it’s more than 60% to 70%. Which is amazing.

    Wishing you great success!


  15. The concept of webtalk sounds like a good idea, and I have heard a lot about it recently, since they are the talk of the web.I have not yet decided whether or not to join.It is interesting that it is by invite only and people can’t just go to thier website and join.Maybe a good alternative to facebook for marketers.

  16. Webtalk has an interesting offer concerning the first 1M that sign up. I also appreciate the referral system they have in place. And it’s free to join. I think I may as well give it a shoot!

    I’ll run over to their place with your link and sign up to see how it works! Thank you very much for this post!

  17. Webtalk is interesting. Not convinced I know what they are really doing. Supposedly the new social media platform. I joined a while back so I am in just in case anything comes of it. It is only in its startup phases.

    I also read your article that is linked to what Webtalk is supposed to be about. Good information and explains a lot more.

    Thanks for inviting more people.

  18. Webtalk looks like an awesome opportunity for anybody interested in affiliate marketing and already has a very sophisticated website full of information for those interested to learn more.

    I have not heard of this opportunity previously but certainly intend on investigating it further, especially since joining is free.

    And it is usually better to get in on the ground floor of any opportunity – so this looks like a great time to join.

    I would encourage everybody to at least take a look – what do you have to lose?

    Specially built for those with an affiliate marketing business – or those who are looking to set one up.


  19. I have to admit, I am a little confused with an article about “web-talk” , at first it seems as if it is an alternate site platform for WA.  

    After watching some of the video I see it is an ideal program for managing your contacts, your data and supposedly controlling your news sources.

    Looks like it would work with WA.  That’s great, and I want to get in quick so I am hopefully in the first million to sign up.

    Great work with the article layout, and presentation of the article.  I hope I have helped you in some way, best of luck with your website.

  20. Hi – Okay, so I’ve looked at this and at webtalk and, yes, I guess there’s no harm in signing up, and I can see where they’re coming from BUT, it’s another social media platform and we already have too many, don’t you think? Even Google is closing G+ in the next year or so. Look at MySpace.

    I guess it’s better I sign up now and see how it all pans out, that way I can get in for the 5-levels of opportunity.


  21. It definitely seems like a very generous referral program, and making $13,333 monthly would be my dream come true. But referring 10 people per day everyday seems like an impossible task for me, how would you go about doing that? Do you have to have a website or do you just promote it on social media? Also how likely do you think it’d be for referrals to upgrade? You used 1% in your example but is that a typical figure or can it be higher?

  22. I was lucky, I got an invitation of a friend to join him on WebTalk.

    It’s a great opportunity I thought too and joined immediately.

    Now that I’m a Member I have some invites already my self. What would interest me though, you might know that. How can I see what number of members joined before me, or how do I know if I’m one of the first 1 Million?

    I think when it comes to getting commissions as promised we should be able to know if we are qualified for the 50%.

    Thanks, Steff 🙂

  23. I came across your blog because I am questioning how to get increased referrals to Webtalk. I was wondering if the need to be referred as put people off and maybe there’s talk about it around other social media. Not sure just musing out loud I suppose. As you say the initial screen if you are not going through a referral link is perhaps less than inviting.

    Anyhoo back to my question. Wondering, apart from your blog obviously, would you be happy to share what else you are doing to get referrals to Webtalk? I started out really well but now seem to be stuck and not able to increase my referrals. I think it’s a gold mine ready to take off and really glad to be a part of it, just want to be sure I am making the most of the opportunity.

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